Cats, Raccoons, Goldfish, and God's Grace

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Two nights ago, right before I prepared to go to bed, I let my cat outside.  I opened the door to the garage and walked out, coaxing my cat with food to follow me.

It was dark under the cloudy sky, and the cool night air was sneaking under the garage door that I had propped open about six inches with a couple of bricks.  Suddenly, my cat

I Am

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Dogs are great.  It is no wonder they are called man's best friend.  I never thought about this until now, but I wonder what it was like trying to domesticate the first wolf?  Can you imagine how many bites and scratches Adam must have had all over his body?  Rough.

Average Aaron
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My first year of football coaching has produced some memorable moments.  Once, at practice, a sophomore running back named Travis had his undershirt

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