(Image courtesy of https://www.greenfieldpuppies.com.)

Dogs are great.  It is no wonder they are called man's best friend.  I never thought about this until now, but I wonder what it was like trying to domesticate the first wolf?  Can you imagine how many bites and scratches Adam must have had all over his body?  Rough.
My landlord of the place I am renting now in Tennessee will only let me have a cat.  I suppose he would also let me have a fish, but what fun is there in playing with a fish?  It's not like I could dump it in the bathtub and swim with it.  (That's an uncomfortable thought....)  I plan to get a dog as soon as I can, though.

My parents', however, do have a couple dogs in Wisconsin.  When I still lived with them I can recall many times they would know just what I needed.  If I felt playful and energetic, they would always be ready and willing to wrestle in the yard, or play tug-of-war with one of their toys.  Another fun game to play with them was the game of fetch.  The only problem is that my parents put in an underground fence a few years ago, so if you accidentally throw the ball out of the yard and the dogs forget about the boundary, they will let you know with a loud yelp.

On the other hand, I remember many times when the dogs would sit with me.  Whether it was a beautiful, starry night with a full moon reflecting off the slow moving clouds or a calm, breezy evening with the sun setting in blazing colors of orange and red behind the wheat swaying like an ocean in the field before the front yard, the dogs were ready to be still when you were.  I remember sitting in the front yard on the grass watching these sorts of scenes with the dogs sitting or lying nearby.  They knew exactly what I needed when I needed it.

How much more does our Heavenly Father know what we need exactly when we need it!  He is love when our love is simply not enough.  He is peace when our world is shaken.  He is joy when our smile has faded.  He is boldness when we feel like cowering in defeat.  He is trust when our faith fails.  "I Am who I Am!" (Exodus 3:14).  Today, I didn't have the love in my own self to be patient and kind to my students, but the One who says He Is was more than enough!  He had love for my students - all I had to do was ask Him for it.  But when you ask, be prepared!  You won't get anything less than more from the Great I Am!

"Worthy, worthy, Jesus is worthy!
Praise to the Son of Man!
Glory and honor crown You forever!
Worship the Great I Am!" (Worship the Great I Am, Gateway Worship)