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Last summer, I prayed often for boldness and courage, two qualities I was lacking in my manhood.  Six months later and a state later, the Lord has most certainly answered my prayers.  (If only I could remember all the things I have asked God, I could write an entire novel worth of answered prayers!)

I can see how God has made me a bolder witness for Him.  The other day, our church went to a Christian concert at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.  This was part of the WinterJam Tour and featured artists like Newsong, Toby Mac, Matthew West, Red, Jason Castro, and Jamie Grace.  It was an awesome night.

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Red is a hard rock Christian band, and there show featured fire and sparks accompanied by their yelling.  I thought it was hilarious how so many people in the stadium complained about their style, questioning if they were really Christian.  To those people I say, "WAKE UP!  You would be the same people who would question John the Baptist - he was unkempt, socially cast out, and ate locusts for crying out loud!"  How judgmental we can be...

Anyway, I got side-tracked.  Before we got to the concert, we stopped at the mall in Memphis and handed out "Life Books," small books that told the story of Jesus in everyday language.  We handed out 500 of these books in a short amount of time.  I was amazed how easy I found it to hand out these books to people, simply asking if they wanted a book and then wishing them a good day.  Last year, this would have been worse than pulling teeth for me.  But God has made me much bolder and more courageous, which is awesome.

Life in Tennessee has been full of ups and downs.  Emotions are like that.  Life is like a roller coaster ride of emotions.  One day you feel like ice cream is falling from the sky; the next you feel like an atomic bomb just blew up in your head.  I have definitely had my share of good days along with the bad.  The key is to keep everything in perspective, and to know that perseverance is sometimes the best thing you can do in this life.  Like the Little Engine that could, just keep pushing up the hill - "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...."

Stay strong! (My life motto)