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This year is the first year I have really lived on my own.  Loneliness sometimes creeps in, but part of growing up and becoming a responsible adult is to pay your own way in life.  So, I've had to pay my own rent, electricity, water, garbage pick-up, food, and any other expenses that come with living in America.  Oh, and taxes.  I never understood taxes; if the United States was started partly on the basis of not wanting to pay taxes to the King of England, then why do we still pay taxes now that we have our own country?

Living life on my own has brought many firsts with it.  Besides getting a full-time job as a teacher and paying the bills as I mentioned earlier, I now am responsible for

Of Washing and Waxing and a Job Well Done...

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My red, Chevy Cobalt was looking rather dirty yesterday.  For one, my cat thinks it's her job to leave her footprints all over the hood, windshield, and top.  Next, the birds think it's their duty to leave me presents from the sky as they fly overhead.  Lastly, dust, dirt, and

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