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My red, Chevy Cobalt was looking rather dirty yesterday.  For one, my cat thinks it's her job to leave her footprints all over the hood, windshield, and top.  Next, the birds think it's their duty to leave me presents from the sky as they fly overhead.  Lastly, dust, dirt, and
salt threaten to eat away at the exterior.  So yesterday I decided it was finally time to wash and wax my car.

It was bright and sunny and nearly 70 degrees as I parked my car in front of my house near the hose and began to use water, but very conservatively.  Since I now pay for my own water and electricity, instead of seeing water or light I see dollar signs.  So I wet down my car and then quickly ran over to shut the water off.  Then I scrubbed and scrubbed using a bucket, soap, and a sponge.

Eventually the car began to look clean.  Most of the splattered bugs even came off the front bumper and windshield.

I dried it using an old shirt and then parked it under a tree to offer a little shade.  I then used another old shirt and applied the wax.  It was a bit of a workout, but I got 'er done.  Then I let the wax dry and wiped it off with another old shirt.  (I got that trick from my dad - the old shirts.)

My bandanna was wet with sweat by this point, so when I finished, I stood inside the garage out of the sun.  The only living, breathing creature within 200 yards of me was my cat, so I decided to talk to it.  I said (in the vernacular), "Don't look too bad, do it, cat?"  I always call my cat, cat.  Its real name is Tiny, but I prefer cat.  It's not like it knows what's going on anyway...  All in all, I felt a sense of proud accomplishment looking at my car shining in the sunlight.

As I stood there and felt accomplished and proud of the work I had done, a thought suddenly occurred to me.  If I, in my own finite mind, can feel good about cleaning a car, how much greater does my Heavenly Father "feel" when He cleans us?  How great and glorified our God must "feel" when one of His saints stand before Him in Heaven.  I can picture God looking at him or her, clean and made white as snow through His Son Jesus.  I can picture God's radiant smile erupting on His face as He says, "Well done."

God will get glory in every situation.  If people don't give it to Him, then He will get it from the rocks (Luke 19:40).  What glory there is for the Father when He cleans a dirty, wretched sinner like me.

"Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD!" (Psalm 150:6).

Praise Him!