Decisions, Decisions...

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So much has happened, yet so little has changed.  I am realizing that I am at a point in my life where I have basically reached my prime.  The formative years when I was a kid up until I graduated college were full of fun, excitement, freedom, and many, many lessons learned.  But now that I'm an adult (ha!) I am caught in the fast-paced world of work.  What a drag....

It's 4th Down in Bolivar...

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"Football is the best sport.  You know why?  Cause you can hit people and not go to jail for it."

Said by my defensive line coach at Greenville College, Coach Stew is exactly right.  There is something about football that makes it

Legacy: It Starts Now!

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I often ask my students at school (especially on Journal Day) how they want to be remembered.  I want them to think about the daily choices they have made, are making, and will make in their lives.  After all, life is all about choices.  When we add up all our choices at the end of our lives, what we have is our legacy; how we will be remembered.

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