"Put me in, coach!"

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Sitting the bench is never as fun as playing in the game.

Growing up, I was gifted with talent in athletics.  I sure was not a Michael Jordan, but I had earned the starting spot on all my teams growing up.  I started at a number of positions in baseball, ranging from catcher to pitcher to third base; in basketball I was one of the

2 Things That Changed My Life!

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I won't bore you with details; I'll get right to it.

There are two things that have been shared with me in the last week that have greatly influenced - even changed - my life, particularly my thinking.


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Yesterday, I ran some errands on our chilly day off of school.  Granted, chilly to Tennesseans is not the same kind of chilly to Wisconsinites; nonetheless, school was cancelled yesterday due to the frigid drop of temperature to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (above zero).

Still, 20 degrees is pretty cold no matter where you live.  And if you lived in the house I lived in, you would experience this cold 24/7, not just when you were outside.  This is mostly due to

Teen pregnancy down 6%! But is that enough?

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This morning on the school news channel, a story was reported on the decline of teen pregnancy in the United States.  The story went on to explain that a reason behind the decline was due to two MTV shows: "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant."  The TV shows follow the lives of pregnant teenagers through their pregnancies, documenting their highs and lows, rewards and setbacks.  The new research claimed that

Nice Guys Finish Last

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I love observing people.  I love finding that one person in a crowded area and just watching them.  There is one student at school, for instance, who comes into the cafeteria everyday doing some kind of new dance.  Sometimes watching people can be

Should a Christian use social media?

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Here's a good debate: Should a born-again Christian use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

I'm sure your first response is either defensive or an immediate no.

But let's think about this a little deeper than just the surface, emotional level.

My New Year's Resolution

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Alright.  First of all, I hate the idea of "New Year's resolutions."  I mean, do we really need a new year to tell us to change?  Why not just start doing it the day you think of it?  But I guess some people aren't mentally strong enough to do that... which is why

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