"God!! Which way do I go?!"

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Life is full of decisions.  But which decisions we choose can have drastic impact in our lives.

Right now, I am faced with many life-altering decisions.  I have had several interviews with different schools in Wisconsin and Illinois.  At the same time, I am still employed with another school district in Tennessee.  So what am I doing?  In short, I want to see if God will direct my life back toward my home state of Wisconsin.  Yet, if He does not, I will

Assurance of Salvation

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"I have anxiety attacks when I don't read [my Bible] and when [the attacks] come up, I feel like if Jesus were to come back I'd be stranded here and it all has to do with assurance of my salvation.  I struggle with it soooo much.  It's a constant thing."

I received the previous text message from a young man recently.  After reading it, I knew

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