God never loses a battle.

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When Jacob's descendants were enslaved by the Egyptians, some might have said that God was to blame for their misfortune, perhaps even that He had forsaken them.

When Babylon rose against Israel and took thousands captive, some might question whether or not God was really capable of being 100% reliable and trustworthy.

When the apostle Paul was stoned by an angry mob after preaching the Gospel and drug out of the city left for dead, some might have asked God why He let that happen to a man who was obeying Jesus' command to preach the Gospel.

When the Kentucky county clerk was put in prison for not signing a same-sex marriage license, some probably questioned if God was as strong as He claimed to be.

After all, does God really lose battles like that?

Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes

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Last week I felt like I was being drug through the mud, scraped through the briers, and ripped through a tree shredder.  That's sometimes what it feels like to be refined by fire or sharpened by iron.  But the end result is a purer and more refined Christian.


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"Happy Thanksgetting."  "Happy Holidays."  "Black Friday."

Santa Claus.  Easter Bunny.  Turkey Day.

This year, more-so than any other year, I am frustrated.  No, my milk didn't spill over, neither did my dog get sick and die.  But I am still frustrated.  Why?  Because days set aside as holy and reverent have become anything but holy and reverent.  Instead, marketing campaigns have diminished the celebrations of holidays such as

Protecting the Vulnerable

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Pretty girls, regardless many times of age, receive countless remarks regarding their bodies.  Many times, they do not understand why men are giving them this attention because the girls are too young to understand sexuality.  This leads to confusion and even embarrassment at times.  "I just want to fit in," a pretty girl might think to herself.  "Why do these guys keep staring at me?  Why do they keep trying to touch me?"

I have heard several stories from girls about the confusion they struggled with as young girls and young adolescents simply because they received unwanted attention from men.

Girls attract unwanted attention from guys because they are

"Kids of working moms are ____."

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According to a recent CNN Money article, Harvard professor Kathleen McGinn claims that children of working moms are better off.

In the article, CNN Money author Ananya Bhattacharya states, "Daughters of working mothers grow up to be more successful in the workplace than their peers.  They earn more and are more likely to be bosses....  While daughters see the biggest tangible financial gains, sons of working moms are more likely to

Does God care what we do?

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I sometimes wonder if God really cares what profession I work in or in what geographical position I live.  I think there is a better question to ask, though.

Humans are physical beings and are usually mastered by our five senses.


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Monday night I watched a short part of the CNN documentary "#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens."  The one hour special report documented 200 thirteen year olds from around the United States, compiling their social media data into a database over the course of six months.  The students, their parents, and their schools all gave permission to CNN in order to participate in the study.  Some of the students were from large cities while some were from small towns.  The results of the study were both shocking and cause for concern.

What is your profession?

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Abraham was a nomad.  Boaz was a farmer.  David was a shepherd (and a king).  Joseph was a craftsman.  Jesus was a teacher (and the King).  Peter was a fisherman.  Paul was a tent maker.

Like the people listed above, we too have

Be in the world, but not of the world.

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I have heard the phrase so many times I believed it was actually in the Bible.  But when I looked for it, I couldn't find it!  Have I been living my life struggling to meet an expectation that was never meant for me to obey?  Am I as a Christians even supposed to be in the "world"?  To answer these questions we must go straight to the source: the very Word of God.

3 Qualities of a Good Leader

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A few days ago I took part in an activity I hadn't been involved in for several years.  It wasn't that it was bad or morally wrong, but it was something I hadn't seen the need in doing over the last few years.  What did I do, you ask?  I watched

Part-Time Worship

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Only a few short months ago I was finishing up teaching my third year in Bolivar, Tennessee.  Looking back, I am thankful for the time God allowed me to spend there.  I met some incredible people who sharpened me, encouraged me, and became great friends.

One of these people was a man older than myself who taught geometry across the hall.  We would share in the frustrations of the day together and even broke up a fight between two

It's All About Perspective

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"Lord, please give me opportunities to share the Gospel with others.  Please send people into my life that need to hear Your Truth."  Two nights ago I knelt at the side of my bed and quietly prayed this prayer.  I had prayed the same words many times before, but never was I so convicted after saying them as I was that night.

Our Christlike Response: Love

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The recent Supreme Court decision reflecting our culture's downward spiral into evil has generated many statements and comments.  But what is the Christian to do?  How are we to respond to this intolerant view of the truth?  In all the excitement, a Christian - a born-again believer, called to make disciples in a world no matter how dark - should have the same response this Egyptian Christian has toward

What's the big deal with allowing homosexual marriages?

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Since the recent dictatorial ruling of the Supreme Court to enforce same-sex marriages in every state in the United States, many questions jumped to the forefront of my mind - and I'm sure yours, too.  Some of the questions puzzled me for a good bit as I sought out the reasons behind my Biblical answer; however, in the end, I found

How To Commit Spiritual Suicide

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About a month ago I was taught by God that being a leader in my marriage meant to take the initiative.  But take the initiative to do what?  This question has since been answered as God has shown me through His Word and His Spirit in other believers.

To be a leader, I need to take the initiative to


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How fitting that on Memorial Day weekend, my wife and I rented and watched Unbroken, the true, gut-wrenching story of Louis Zamperini.  Wow.  I was amazed at his story.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, be careful reading this article and go watch it for yourself first.  If you have seen it, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about....

Louis Zamperini, according to the movie, was a

Obedience School

Bucky, the Cernek's newest addition!
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My wife and I did something rather foolish a few weeks ago: we went to the animal shelter to look at puppies.  Now, we have a fourteen week old, black lab mix.  Needless to say, he is both cute and a chore.

From the moment we first saw this little puppy in his cage at the shelter, we knew

No More Condemnation

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As human beings we want to be justified; we want to feel acquitted.  For instance, how many people justify their decision to eat fatty foods with, "I worked out today"?  I have heard it said many, many times.

To be honest, there is no way a human can be totally justified - except for one.

It only takes one thing to be a leader.

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About a month leading up to our marriage, I suddenly realized I had no idea what it meant to be a leader.  Literally, I was scared to go into marriage because I knew I was expected to lead my family, but I felt unprepared and

God Is Not Safe

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Joyce Meyer wrote a book called God's Not Mad At You.

Gerald and Kathy Hovater wrote a song called "God's Not Mad At You."

Victoria Osteen (Joel's wife) wrote on Facebook: "God's not mad at you."

Every single one of these written works has been met with incredible acceptance and remarkable, positive feedback.  It obviously rings a cord with Christians who desperately desire to be

It's all about you!

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By way of introduction...

Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone has something they want to say.  Everyone wants to be heard.

If you have Facebook you know what I'm talking about.  What do you post on Facebook?  What do you see other people posting?  Stories.  Complaints.  Videos.  Gossip.  Bragging.  Problems.  It is a world saturated with self, dripping with

Following Up...

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Adrian Rogers is one of my favorite pastors.  On my way to school nearly every morning, I listen to him on the radio.  Today, at the end of his message, he gave an invitation for anyone who wanted to receive Jesus to pray the sinner's prayer after him.  After he ended, the music flared up and

Good News!

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A little boy, sitting in his school desk, is trying to solve a math problem.  He squirms uneasily, growing increasingly frustrated at the fact that he cannot find the answer.  He begins to sweat and his eyes begin to swell as the frustration mounts.  Timidly, he tugs at his teacher's dress as she walks by.  "What's wrong, Tommy?" she empathetically asks.  "I can't find the answer to this problem," he almost inaudibly murmurs.  "Oh, I see.  Well, did you know that God loves you?"  Puzzled, the boy looks back at his paper as his teacher meanders away with a satisfied smile on her face.

What Every Human Wants

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As a high school teacher, I have the unique opportunity of observing many different people.  Not only do I get to form professional relationships and several, close friendships with my colleagues, but I also get to learn from the many students I see on a daily basis.  No that wasn't a typo.  Although I am a teacher, I find myself being taught just as many lessons as I teach my students.

One lesson I learned was last year and it was from a freshman named

3 Lessons in 3 Weeks

One year ago today I was single and desperately searching for my wife.

As of tomorrow, I will have been married three weeks to my best friend, Lauren.  It's crazy, but it's awesome.

God has blessed me with a fantastic, amazing wife.  "Married life is work" is the cliche statement often shared among people.  In fact, several people have already asked me, "How is married life?"  And I respond by saying, "It's great!  I love it!"  This is usually followed by a smirk and a

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