Following Up...

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Adrian Rogers is one of my favorite pastors.  On my way to school nearly every morning, I listen to him on the radio.  Today, at the end of his message, he gave an invitation for anyone who wanted to receive Jesus to pray the sinner's prayer after him.  After he ended, the music flared up and

Good News!

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A little boy, sitting in his school desk, is trying to solve a math problem.  He squirms uneasily, growing increasingly frustrated at the fact that he cannot find the answer.  He begins to sweat and his eyes begin to swell as the frustration mounts.  Timidly, he tugs at his teacher's dress as she walks by.  "What's wrong, Tommy?" she empathetically asks.  "I can't find the answer to this problem," he almost inaudibly murmurs.  "Oh, I see.  Well, did you know that God loves you?"  Puzzled, the boy looks back at his paper as his teacher meanders away with a satisfied smile on her face.

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