God Is Not Safe

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Joyce Meyer wrote a book called God's Not Mad At You.

Gerald and Kathy Hovater wrote a song called "God's Not Mad At You."

Victoria Osteen (Joel's wife) wrote on Facebook: "God's not mad at you."

Every single one of these written works has been met with incredible acceptance and remarkable, positive feedback.  It obviously rings a cord with Christians who desperately desire to be

It's all about you!

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By way of introduction...

Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone has something they want to say.  Everyone wants to be heard.

If you have Facebook you know what I'm talking about.  What do you post on Facebook?  What do you see other people posting?  Stories.  Complaints.  Videos.  Gossip.  Bragging.  Problems.  It is a world saturated with self, dripping with

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