What is your profession?

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Abraham was a nomad.  Boaz was a farmer.  David was a shepherd (and a king).  Joseph was a craftsman.  Jesus was a teacher (and the King).  Peter was a fisherman.  Paul was a tent maker.

Like the people listed above, we too have

I do not believe in the rapture.

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Most all evangelical Christians have every hair on their body raised in bewildering excitement after reading just the title of this article.  That's because most every evangelical Christian today believes in the rapture, so to say anything contradictory against it is an outrage.

But I challenge you to clear your mind of traditions taught by men and to look with open eyes at the Word of God, not man's traditional systems of belief.  With all sincerity, I propose that nowhere in the Bible is there any such mention of the rapture; moreover, any interpretation stating such is a false doctrine.