"Kids of working moms are ____."

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According to a recent CNN Money article, Harvard professor Kathleen McGinn claims that children of working moms are better off.

In the article, CNN Money author Ananya Bhattacharya states, "Daughters of working mothers grow up to be more successful in the workplace than their peers.  They earn more and are more likely to be bosses....  While daughters see the biggest tangible financial gains, sons of working moms are more likely to

Does God care what we do?

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I sometimes wonder if God really cares what profession I work in or in what geographical position I live.  I think there is a better question to ask, though.

Humans are physical beings and are usually mastered by our five senses.


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Monday night I watched a short part of the CNN documentary "#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens."  The one hour special report documented 200 thirteen year olds from around the United States, compiling their social media data into a database over the course of six months.  The students, their parents, and their schools all gave permission to CNN in order to participate in the study.  Some of the students were from large cities while some were from small towns.  The results of the study were both shocking and cause for concern.

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