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"Happy Thanksgetting."  "Happy Holidays."  "Black Friday."

Santa Claus.  Easter Bunny.  Turkey Day.

This year, more-so than any other year, I am frustrated.  No, my milk didn't spill over, neither did my dog get sick and die.  But I am still frustrated.  Why?  Because days set aside as holy and reverent have become anything but holy and reverent.  Instead, marketing campaigns have diminished the celebrations of holidays such as

Protecting the Vulnerable

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Pretty girls, regardless many times of age, receive countless remarks regarding their bodies.  Many times, they do not understand why men are giving them this attention because the girls are too young to understand sexuality.  This leads to confusion and even embarrassment at times.  "I just want to fit in," a pretty girl might think to herself.  "Why do these guys keep staring at me?  Why do they keep trying to touch me?"

I have heard several stories from girls about the confusion they struggled with as young girls and young adolescents simply because they received unwanted attention from men.

Girls attract unwanted attention from guys because they are

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