The Pursuit of Safety

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My whole life, I, like countless others, have pursued safety for myself and my family.

But what if God isn't calling us to safety, but away from it?

When God was looking for someone to "stand in the gap" in Ezekiel 22, He was searching for anyone.  He didn't care if he was nice, proper, or comfortable - God just needed a man.  Any man who would trust Him.

If I was to make a list of the strongest men I know in my own life, I would list the men who live recklessly-righteous lives for God.  They literally don't care what people think of them.  They only care if God approves of their behavior.

Doing the Right Thing

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I recently heard a man named Crawford Loritts speak about a man's need to do what must be done even when he doesn't feel like doing it.  He went on to explain that many people - the majority of people, perhaps - live their lives based on emotions and feelings.  Most men make decisions based on how they feel rather than on what must be done.

I believe Mr. Loritts has correctly analyzed the state of manhood today.

I love watching the "Andy Griffith Show".  Of course the show is no longer airing today, but my family has accumulated many of the show's DVDs and we watch them quite frequently.  The reason I personally enjoy them so much is that they illustrate values that are

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