"You are beautiful."

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My wife and I had our first baby last Friday.  What made the event even more incredible than it already was, was that she was born on my birthday - July 22nd.  I could not have asked for a greater celebration than what was given to us on that memorable day.

As soon as little Brielle was born, and the doctor showed her to us, my wife and I thought she was the most beautiful baby on the face of the earth.  And at four days old, she looks even more beautiful than she did when she was first born.  We often tell her, "You are so beautiful."

"Show me Your glory!"

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Recently, I started a new job as athletic director and teacher at a private school. On top of that, my brother-in-law and I are attempting to start a small tree service business with machinery that was graciously given to us, but does not work yet. I have been working for an existing local tree service business this summer as well, amounting some extra income before the school year starts. I am allowed the opportunity to preach once a month at our local church, lead music there on occasion, and lead a men’s group on Saturday morning. In addition to all of these things, my wife and I are looking to purchase our first house - we are currently living in my parents’ basement, an arrangement we are thankful for, but did not intend to last more than a few weeks; it’s been over a year now. To top it all off, we are expecting our first baby in only a few short weeks. With all these changes taking place, there is also the insurance switches, the bank loans, and other legal documents to complete in a timely manner.

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