The War Against Men

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The publication before the most recent Reader's Digest produced a cover page of a woman dressed boldly and prepared for survival in the outdoors.  In the background, a man peered out of the bushes at the woman, bewildered and eyes wide with fear.  In the most recent issue of Reader's Digest, a reader commented on this particular cover page.  He said he wanted Reader's Digest to be careful how they depicted men, and that he was disappointed that Reader's Digest had joined the "war on men."

Of God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility

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God's Sovereignty
Romans 1:1 “... set apart for the Gospel of God.”

Paul is not simply saying that he was saved in order to tell others about the Gospel. Paul is not so weak in his theology and doctrine to believe that God would save him only to tell others about Him. True knowledge of the one true God reveals this: That Paul has been set apart from sin unto glory by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (which is the Gospel), and by this separation worked in us by the power of God, God is glorified because of the great work He has done. The regenerate life is a testimony, a witness, a memorial to the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The life of a believer is marked by this. It is God who sets apart; therefore, it is God who is glorified in us.

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