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There are a few key components to remember when sharing the Good News of God with others.  First, it is important to state that God is the Creator of all things; thus, He is the ruler of all things since He made them.  But man rebelled against the rule of God and sinned against Him.  What will a good ruler do to those who rebel?  He will most certainly not let their rebellion go unpunished, but will justly punish them.  This is who man is: a rebel.  Additionally, we have nothing good in us to cause us to return to Him.  On the contrary, man is afraid of God because we all know that rebellion must be justly punished.  And we don't want to be punished.

The Gospel in the Christmas Manger

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A Thought
This Christmas season, let us be careful to think on the Gospel of God, brought to us in the form of Christ Jesus the baby.  Do you ever wonder why Jesus came as a baby?

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