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The Puritans left us with many wise writings, meaningful meditations, and powerful prayers.  Below is a Puritan prayer entitled "Self-Depreciation" - "Self-Disapproval".  Indeed, it is good for the Christian to disapprove of himself.

My every sense, member, faculty, affection, is a snare to me,
I can scarce open my eyes but I envy those above me, or despise those below.
I covet honour and riches of the mighty,
  and am proud and unmerciful to the rags of others;
If I behold beauty it is a bait to lust,
  or see deformity, it stirs up loathing and disdain;
How soon do slanders, vain jests, and wanton speeches
  creep into my heart!
Am I comely? what fuel for pride!
Am I deformed? what an occasion for repining!
Am I gifted? I lust after applause!
Am I learned? how despise what I have not!
Am I in authority? how prone to abuse my trust,
  make my will my law, exclude others’ enjoyments,
  serve my own interests and policy!
Am I inferior? how much I grudge others’ pre-eminence!
Am I rich? how exalted I become!
Thou knowest that all these are snares by my corruptions,
  and that my greatest snare is myself.
I bewail that my apprehensions are dull,
  my thoughts mean,
  my affections stupid,
  my expressions low,
  my life unbeseeming;
Yes what canst thou expect of dust but levity,
  of corruption but defilement?
Keep me ever mindful of my natural state,
  but let me not forget my heavenly title,
  or the grace that can deal with every sin.
(Author Unknown. (2003). "Self-Deprecation". The Valley of Vision (pp. 132-33). Edinburgh, UK: Banner of Truth Trust)
How good it is for the Christian to disapprove of themself!  I do not need more self-esteem.  On the contrary, I esteem myself too highly already.

I am made of dust, and even that is corrupted.  What do I have to "bring to the table", so to speak?  I bring my filth, my sin, my wretchedness only.  How good it is for the Christian to disapprove of themself!

My sin is great and always before me; if I esteem myself, I blaspheme the Law of God - "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

For the Christian to be "ever mindful of [their] natural state" is to find great joy in the grace of God, who gives "grace that can deal with every sin."  I am satisfied in Christ alone!

"Nothing in my hands I bring, only to Thy cross I cling!" (Rock of Ages).