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A growing number of gender-confused people are receiving hormonal treatments to change their gender to the opposite sex.  With hormonal treatments and surgeries relatively new to the medical field - many treatments being less than ten years old - the future is unclear as to what negative and irreversible side-effects these individuals will show later in life (Dean, Jamie.  "Pressure to conform."  WORLD Magazine, January 30 2019.).

What is more alarming is the fact that most individuals undergoing hormonal treatments are doing so during the onset of puberty.  The reason this is so alarming is that the medical profession is not, by and large, alerting parents and children to the normalcy of puberty, but instead feeding into the foolish idea that being uncomfortable in one's body is a justifiable reason to seek change in sexual identity and biological nature.

The ironic truth is that no one feels comfortable with their bodies during puberty.  Hair starts to grow where once it did not, appendages start to protrude where once the skin was flat to the body, voices crack at inopportune times, and glands begin to clog which produces acne.  Furthermore, hormones in the brain begin to move boys and girls into unknown realms of emotions - anger, romance, anxiety, etc.  This time known as adolescence is scary and uncertain.  It is a rare thing to find anyone in their adolescent years who feels comfortable in his body.

Let the reader consider his school picture from the age of twelve or thirteen.  Do you not look awkward?  Are those pictures still not embarrassing to you?  Did you feel uncomfortable during that time in your life?  So did the rest of us.  Such is the miracle of puberty, a trial through which every human must pass.

To make matters worse, an alarming number of adults - parents, doctors, teachers, counselors, etc. - are not instructing their children in this natural phenomenon known as adolescence.  If they did, perhaps more children would be able to endure the changes their bodies undergo, having a proper perspective, for indeed it is the Lord God Himself who has orchestrated such changes!  Without this needed maturation, the human race would cease to reproduce, which is part of the creation mandate God gave Adam and Eve: "be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth."  And that which God commands He also provides the means to obey it; in this case, puberty (sexual maturity).

Great compassion should accompany any argument or discussion had on this topic of gender-confusion.  It grieves me to think that a growing number of young people are being taught and choosing to believe such foolishness about their bodies.  The body is precious, for it is a visible manifestation of the glory of God.  It should, therefore, be treated with care, consideration, and wisdom.  Not feeling comfortable with one's body is no reason to counsel young people to change their natural, God-given traits.

So, while great compassion and care must be given to those adolescents who are suffering with discomfort in their adolescent bodies, great condemnation is to be justly given to those who lead a child astray into faulty thinking and bodily mutilation.  May God have mercy on their perverse souls.

Let us pray for our nation's youth - for our own children and grandchildren - that they might have adults in their lives to teach, train, and lead them in the truth, specifically in regards to sexuality and adolescence.  And let us pray that the Gospel brings light to our sin-darkened minds, hearts, and souls.

"And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done" (Romans 1:28).