The Garden of Marxism (I mean, Eden)

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Assuming you are aware of the current trends and talking points in today's world, I will jump right into the conversation. What prompted me to write this piece was that I was challenged by a few people in recent weeks to become more informed and more educated about the Black Lives Matter movement because I wouldn't view them "as the enemy" if I only understood more about them. Each person seemed to think that if I was more enlightened, I would see the justification for one class's anger and violence.

Realistic Expectations

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Yesterday was Father's Day, but I wasn't feeling especially like a good father. I have been rather the opposite: irritable and short-tempered. Last night before bed, Lauren and I prayed for our kids and our patience as parents. I woke up in the middle of the night to a still, small voice teaching me that I need to have realistic expectations for my children, depending on their age and ability. I woke up thankful for the Lord's answer to our prayer!

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