Tracts are short, simple presentations of the gospel. They are effective tools for evangelism and help provide biblical answers to people searching for the truth.

The Big Picture

This tract tells the story of history through Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.


This tract provides basic biblical answers for some of the social issues facing young people today.

The Costly, Urgent Decision You Want To Make

This tract asks readers to consider their life path. There are only two choices: for Christ or against Christ.

The Greatest Scandal Of All Time!

This tract sets the stage with a court hearing. There is only one way to be declared righteous: an innocent sacrifice taking the place of the guilty criminal.

The Whole Truth

This tract sets forth the basics of the Christian faith: God is holy, man is sinful, and Christ is the only savior.

Salvation Through Imputation

This tri-fold teaches the doctrine of justification from a Protestant perspective and is contrasted with Rome's teaching.

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